Why Do I Have to Struggle?

To Keep Us Humble  

We all have something we struggle with.

Something that seems to hold us back.

The thing we wish could be different

so that life would be just what we want it to be.

It might be physical limitations, mental strife,

personality weakness (as we perceive it), bad experiences,

a painful past or struggles in the present,

nevertheless, we wonder why we have this in our lives.

Why doesn’t God change it?

Why did He allow it?

Is it possible that each person

 has something in his or her lives

that helps keep them humble?

Is it possible that if we had all those difficulties taken away,

we would be insufferably proud?

Would we forget God

thinking we can manage life just fine without Him?

This thought has given me a new perspective

about my own battles.

I thank Him for anything that keeps me humble.

I praise Him for keeping me

from getting lost in arrogance and pride.

If I had everything, the way I want it,

if I could do and be all I dream of,

could my human pride handle it?

I think I would become obnoxious and unbearable.

My weaknesses keep me dependent on Him.

My failures keep me humble and on my knees.

I praise Him for the countless blessings He has poured on my life.

However, I also praise Him for the struggles, the weaknesses,

and the failures that keep me depending on Him.

I am nothing apart from Him.

Let there be less of me and more of Him every day.

Susan Aken



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