Air Soft Gun danger/The Most Important Thing

First, I learned a big lesson the hard way this week. My son (15) has been playing a lot with his friends in recent months using air soft guns (they shoot little hard plastic pellets). They play it like paintball only you don’t have to be in a special place. I knew better (hindsight) but have not required that he wear any protection. Well, this week he took one in the eye. We had a trip to the ER and the next day to an eye doctor. The doctor called it a “significant injury.” Praise God he still has his eye and can see! But he must heal from Corneal abrasion, swelling from iriditus, damage to the retina in the back of his eye. This little pellet hit with a powerful force causing trauma. So, if your sons do this, please require eye protection! We will from now on.

     Next, there is a lady who does a weekly newspaper column in our metro paper. It is awesome because she is a Christian and always writes from a Christian prospective and shares the gospel. In yesterday’s column, it was about preparing for Easter but she wrote this, “What good does it do to be active in church, if our hearts are not filled with love?” Oh, how that pricked my heart! How often do I “do” spiritual things without loving people along the way. Please Lord, fill my heart with love.


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