Will I choose Life?

Every day in so many ways, I have the opportunity to choose life or death. From the time I wake up, by the thoughts I choose to think and indulge in, I choose life or death. If I choose to begin my day with God, I choose life. If I choose to begin my day by being self-indulgent, negative, hurtful to others, then I choose death. My first words to my family are a choice for life or death. Do I speak words of encouragement, love and peace or do I speak words that tear them down? What I choose to eat and drink can give me either life or death. In the activities I pursue, in the thoughts I indulge in, in the words I speak, I choose life or death. With each person I encounter in my day, I can give life or death. When I choose to ignore, be unfriendly, rude or negative to the people I meet, I am speaking death to them. When I look them in the eye and see their soul, when I smile and speak a positive word, then I speak life. When I pray throughout the day and let God’s Holy Spirit work through me, I choose life. When I ignore God and forget to pray, I choose death. (I am not talking about eternal destination but choosing to live the abundant life God wants me to have instead of living in the spirit of death the enemy wants me to have) When I allow my heart to be filled with critical, unforgiving, hateful thoughts and desires, then I choose death for others and myself. God wants His rivers of LIVING water to flow through me. I so often put up dams. I put up walls. The flow of that living water is stopped by my choices. I want the walls to come down. I want His “streams of living water” to flow from within me. (John 7:38) I want “the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart” to be pleasing to the LORD who is my Rock and my Redeemer.” (Psalm 19:14) Help me Jesus to choose life, beginning with my thoughts. How wonderful, what a glorious thing, to be given a choice! To have the freedom to choose. I choose You. I choose life.


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