Looking to the true light

Keeping our eyes on Jesus Christ – that is the only way to stay on the right road.Keeping our eyes on Jesus is like an athlete keeping their eyes on the goal. When our eyes shift, all of a sudden we start heading a different direction, away from the goal, away from our Savior. Sometimes what takes our eyes is a spiritual leader and he or she may be a very Godly person, they may speak great truths and have a deep understanding of God’s Word. But, they are just as human as I am and each of us is. Which means that on any given day, they can fall into pride, selfishness, greed or other sin that momentarily leads them astray. The problem is if we are looking to them for guidance, we suddenly find ourselves feeling abandoned. We are disillusioned. The problem isn’t with them. The problem is where we are looking for guidance. The only true guide is Jesus Christ. If we keep our eyes on Him, we will never find ourselves abandoned. He will never fail. He will use various spiritual leaders who come and go but He is he one who gives the guidance. We are only as strong as our connection to Him. There is no human being we must have to be strong. Jesus Christ is the way, and the truth and the life.


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