On January 1st (or was it the 2nd), I said God gave me the word “Perseverance’ for this year and that my goal was to read through the Bible. So far, I have kept it up. PTL! I realize it has only been a few weeks but for me that is victory! Also, on the 25th I posted about God asking me to give up a little sleep to get up early to pray. By His grace I have done so every day so far (a little over a week). That is God’s grace! I want so much to walk with Him and to do His will. One thing I learned in the message I wrote about on the 25th is that the key is obedience. It is not about how powerful my prayer time is once I get up or what I say. It is about obeying Him and getting myself out of bed to pray. Also, in the past I didn’t have victory in obeying God in this because I would say, “Today doesn’t count because I don’t have to work. I can pray later.” OR “I stayed up too late.” In other words, I obeyed if it was convenient. But that kind of obedience doesn’t work. God has shown me to persevere in getting up to pray even when it is not convenient. Even when in human terms it doesn’t seem necessary. He wants us to obey in trust. He is my strength. I pray He will use this for His purpose.


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