Sinus cleanse with Netti Pot helped me get well!

 When I was sick for 6 weeks (and had a sinus infection at one point), I got desperate enough to try the sinus cleanse. My sister had told me about it for years. Being a wimp in the water (hate water up my nose) I had never been willing. But I started it and after a month of daily cleansing, I breathe better at night then I have in years! It is great. It took awhile for it to totally clear my passage. Don’t give up. If you have congestion problems, there will be discomfort on some days but it isn’t that bad. This video shows how to do it but you don’t have to use their product. You can get a Netti pot kit at any drugstore. Also, you can use your own solution (use non-iodized salt) I use sea salt and soda. I can’t believe how much better I breathe now. {Update2-20-08: FYI – I use a little less than 1/2 tsp. of sea salt and the same of baking soda per netti pot. Use the amount comfortable for you.  I cleanse at least once a day. Sometimes twice} Update: October 20, 2011. I still use the Netti Pot all through allergy season and then as needed the rest of the year. It has made a huge difference!

10-15 Just an update to say I am still a believer in sinus cleanse and I use it anytime I am struggling with allergies or congestion!

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19 responses to “Sinus cleanse with Netti Pot helped me get well!

  1. Agreed! I started using one about four years ago. I can count the serious colds or sinus infections since then on one finger, or thumb.

    They are the cheapest health change I know of, if you can get someone to try one. Bunch of babies we are…


  2. Monica

    I came down, still have, a (what I think) is a sinus infection. I bought a netti pot and it is wonderful. I was wondering; how much baking soda and salt do you mix together?
    I have to say that when I first started useing this; I felt better…then I felt worse. How often though out the day should one clean out the sinus cavity?


  3. Kristina

    Make sure that you “dry the nose” after using the netti pot or else you may end up with an infection. Basically you bend at the waist and while bending blow your nose. This is not mentioned often, but is such an important part of the sinus cleansing process! You dont want to leave dirty water in your sinuses or it defeats the purpose of the sinus cleanse.

    This may be why you felt better and then felt worse?


  4. 7-21-08
    I just want to comment that after about 6 months, I am still doing a daily cleanse. It is great! It has made such a difference in sleeping at night because I can breathe better. If I am out on a day that I get exposed to allergens, I make sure to do a cleanse right away when I get home. It has helped me.


  5. chelsea

    I have severe allergies and asthma, and about 6 months ago I started sinus cleansing on an avid endorsement by my sister when I had a killer sinus infection and no amount of sudaphed was helpful. It was uncomfortable at first, BUT IT WORKED! I know cleanse daily in the shower with sea salt, and I no longer have any allergy symptoms, and I work with animals daily!! Still no itchy watery eyes and nose, and I can breathe easy. This stuff really really works. I highly recommend it to anyone.


  6. You are right, Chelsea, it does work! I want to mention that in my blog I say I use about 1/2 tsp. of salt and soda but it is really more like 1/4 tsp. but again it is what is comfortable for each person. I am so glad I have this now that it is allergy season again.


  7. Tracy

    Do you know if Sinu Cleanse helps with ear aches?My sinus and ear started happening at the same time. My friend suggested to use this product and I will start to feel better but my ear will hurt on and off. It’s not too bad anymore but I know it is still there.

    I also use sinu cleanse maybe up to 4 or 5 times a day. Is that too many times?



  8. vivek

    Tracy I use it thrice a day. if you have blockage it is better to use as many times to relieve blocks frequently. Like susan said i got sound sleep after starting to use neti.


  9. Vera

    Using the Neti pot is inexpensive, simple, & an excellent cleaning method for the sinusitis that I get each autumn when the furnace first goes on, & continues throughout the winter, complete with postnasal drip. The whole uncomfortable story.
    I’m now recommending it to my grown sons & other family & friends. Often, using the Neti yields visual evidence of the good cleaning I’ve achieved. What a great product!


  10. Laura

    I have been suffering from allergy ATTACKS for two decades. At least 4 times a year, they start as razor blades in my throat, then my sinuses quickly fill to the point where my eyeballs feel like they will become projectiles when I sneeze. After several days of that, the cough comes, and its like Bronchitis and NOTHING helps. I can bank on 10 days of misery before it settles down.
    Three days ago, I felt the throat go, and by this morning, I was miserable and had no sleep because I could not breathe. I have HAD IT with antihistimines. They dont work anymore. My eyes and the skin around them were PINK AND SWOLLEN and I could not breathe at all through my nose. It was jam packed, and constantly dripping, and the only thing I could do was stick wads of toilet paper up each nostril so that I wasnt dripping everywhere!

    So, fed up, and willing to do almost ANYTHING to get some relief, I sent my husband out to buy a netti pot, which I had heard about in October, the LAST TIME I HAD ALLERGIES.

    Well…..I JUST HAVE TO SAY that I have NEVER felt such INSTANT relief EVER. I was stunned that the water even made it up there as I couldnt even blow my nose. If you havent tried it, and you suffer from chronic allergy attacks………GO GET ONE!! I have put it off for months….and I sure regret it because if I HAD gone out and got one then, I wouldnt be sick now. I am a hairdresser and this is THE busiest time of the year for me, and the LAST thing I needed was yet another allergy attack!!

    The Netti Pot REALLY WORKS and it is SO easy to use, and it should be in everyone’s bathroom, and I will never be without it ever again!


    • Anita

      Hey, I don’t know anyone that gets those attachs you talked about but me. The neti pot has helped sooo much. I have one other tip if you do get the coughing going and can’t sleep. Put a heating pad on your neck. Once upon a time I could go days without sleep but between these 2 things it is soooo much better.

      OH yea , I’m a hairdresser too.


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  12. Grace

    i was wondering can you use the neti pot even if you dont have a sinus infection? I do get alot of sinus infections, will it help to protect from getting one if i use it daily. thank you


    • Grace,
      I do a sinus cleanse every day and have for a couple of years now. It is great especially during allergy season because it washes the pollen out. I am not a doctor so I can’t say for sure if it will help you not to get infections but I think it would. It keeps the sinuses cleaned out so it helps not to get a build-up in there. I don’t know what other issues you might have that causes you to have infections but the sinus cleanse sure couldn’t hurt. In my opinion. If you have an infection when you start, and your passages are swollen keeping the water from going through – don’t force it. Just try it a couple of times a day, until it opens up and then do a thorough cleanse.
      Hope that helps.


  13. Mag

    I use the Netti Pot twice daily and have recently starting salt therapy treatments which i find works great also


  14. Tommie Tom

    From time to time, always encounter earaches one way or another. I just remedy this disease by taking antibiotics and of course ear healing oils derived from herbs. ‘*”.,

    Kindest regards


  15. Just an update to say another allergy season is here and I am still thankful for my Netti Pot!


  16. Lynda Parker

    Wow, I have never tried this. I don’t have allergy’s but I may try it anyway.


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