Christmas in Heaven

In thinking about my father-in-law’s death right before Christmas, I wrote this:  (I am sure there are many who are facing Christmas without a loved one)

CHRISTMAS IN HEAVEN For many of us, there are loved oneswho will be spending their first Christmas in heaven this year.Christmas in heaven.Can you imagine?Not just celebrating the babe in the manger,but falling at the feet of the King of Kings.Not just viewing dozens of Crèchesmade of every conceivable materialbut being in the presence of the Holy One,Immanuel,Jesus Christ Lord of Lords,The Great I AM!What a glorious celebration!Our little “celebrations” are barelyeven shadows of the eternal celebration in heaven.To think that our loved onesare experiencing the full meaning of Christmasfor the first time.God with us!They are now in His presence for all of eternity.The full joy of Christmaswith none of the negative effects caused by sin.Pure joy unmarred by selfishness, worry, stress,materialism or worldly distractions.Can’t you see them worshipping before the throne?Filled with the joy of heaven.Free from the sorrows of earth.Living the meaning of Christmas.We love you.Keep celebrating and one day we will worship there together, forever.Susan Aken    Christmas 2007   


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One response to “Christmas in Heaven

  1. Darrel

    That is a truly beautiful tribute to loved ones who have moved on to be with our Lord. I look forward to the time when the burdens and distractions of this world are obliterated either by His coming or my moving on. But until then we have a job to do, helping others and proclaiming His Name, which I am ashamed to say I’m not very good at. You have mentioned it before, but just a reminder – we never know how much time we or our loved ones will have on this orb, so we should constantly remind ourselves that – 1.We need to have a sincere, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior or nothing else matters. 2.We need to make our short time here as productive for His kingdom as we can by proclaiming His Name and doing good whenever and wherever we can. And 3.We need to love and appreciate the people in our lives as if it is the last day that we will see them on this earth because it may well be just that. My mother has been feeling bad for the last two or three months but just recently took a turn for the worse. She spent a week in the hospital with what turned out to be a very serious ailment. The good news is that they think she will be able to recover, and she has been released in time to spend Christmas at home. THIS is truly the BEST Christmas present I have every received. Thank you, God. Merry Christmas, Susan, Russ, and Jacob. I love you guys.


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