Still hurting…

     The pain one person can cause. The devastation, the heartache caused by just one lost soul who chose to spew out hate and murder. Our whole community will hurt for awhile. One young woman who was on the first floor of Von Maur gave a testimony in church on Sunday. She is a member there. She spoke of getting as many people as she could into the back room and then she stood at the door looking for others to help, God took all her fear away. She only thought of wanting to help. She saw a man who had been shot and was heartbroken she could not go to him and hold his hand. She knew her eternal future was secure, but she wasn’t sure about others. She only thought of them. She asked us who there was in our lives that we know needs help but we think we don’t have time. She challenged us to reach out and take the time to help. Another of our members is the only employee in the customer service dept. who was not killed or seriously wounded. (She did not speak.) She was there the next day to help. (she was scheduled to work but could not go in) So many stories. Our pastor quoted C.S. Lewis who said, “Pain is God’s megaphone to a deaf world.” Will we listen? Pain does have a way of reminding us this world is not our home. Pray for our city, for the hundreds if not thousands of those mourning (we each touch more people than we realize) And I heard this morning there was another shooting in Colorado – God have mercy. I fear some of that younger generation, raised on violent movies, games etc., see a “shooting spree” as something cool – what a liar and deceiver Satan is – who is the father of liars and a murderer. His desire is to kill and destroy. So where do you think this idea comes from? May the Holy Spirit move to spread the truth and set us free, may He set our young people free from these lies. Lord Jesus, help us be bold in speaking the truth and reaching out. Help me be bold.


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  1. Ami

    We are praying for you.
    I’m so sorry you are so close to all of this.


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