Lessons Learned in the Forest

Saturday I spent 4 hours in the forest. Walking, praying, thinking. It was a beautiful day!So peaceful. Here are some things I learned – true both physically and spiritually:

Exercise your muscles to stay strong.

If you get off track, turn around and go back to the spot where you took a wrong turn – make it right.

Don’t give up because you got off the path. Don’t quit because you took a wrong turn. Return the right path, persevere, and you will find your place of peace.

The birds sing constantly – they don’t worry about anything but continually sing praise to God.img_1118-rs.pngimg_1119-rs.pngimg_1120-resize.pngimg_1130-rs.pngrs.pngimg_1125-resize.png



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4 responses to “Lessons Learned in the Forest

  1. Vicki Moser

    Great pictures! And great words too. Lots of wisdom in simple truths.


  2. Vicki Moser

    Did you feel like a butterfly?


  3. Dear Sis, I didn’t think about that. But it is a nice thought. Thanks for your words of encouragement.


  4. administrator

    I agree with mom, beautiful!


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