If you are considering abortion…

Thinking about having an abortion

Please watch this video.

  Posted by a woman who’s mother considered an abortion. Beautiful.



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2 responses to “If you are considering abortion…

  1. Darrel

    Incredibly beautiful images. Life! Created by God. So casually destroyed by man. Millions and millions of lives ended by such horrible methods and with such a cavalier attitude. Sacrificed to gods of mammon, convenience, pride, and others. We have become a depraved nation with the blood of innocents on our hands, fat and sleek, with no moral compass and the belief that truth is relative (Rome?). How many of our most brilliant minds and greatest leaders have been routinely snuffed out in our pompous arrogance. How long before God says ENOUGH. Pray for revival.


  2. Darrel, Thank you for your words of truth! I wish our nation had more godly men like you. You are a blessing to our family.


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