Respect yourself

How I wish women in our society would wake up and realize they are worth so much more than they settle for. God did not intend us to just be objects to use for sexual satisfaction. Yes, many women have believed the lie that this is what they want. That some temporary sexual thrill is worth the price they pay. But I believe every woman knows deep down that she wants more than that. She doesn’t just want to be some one-night stand. She doesn’t want to be liked based on how much her body turns someone on. She wants a soul connection. She wants a man to see her heart and treasure her. Perhaps women have just stopped believing that is possible. It is possible. But it may mean waiting, hoping, praying, being patient, being willing to say no to being some guy’s cheap thrill. Every time a woman gives in to the pressure of sex on a first date, sex anytime she is not in a committed relationship (ideally marriage), forced to get an abortion by those around her – each time she loses a part of her self-respect, her self-worth. She stops believing she is the treasure God created her to be. Please don’t throw yourself away! Trust God to bring the best to you. And if someone takes from you what you didn’t want to give, come to Jesus for healing. He can heal the deepest wound. Only He can fill the emptiness.


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