Cooking Woes!

Hey, I admit I am not the best cook in the world. But I didn’t realize how terrible I was until I found myself with a teenager. Last night I once again had the wonderful experience of seeing my son gag over something I made. It is so frustrating! I would love to be one of those moms whose child talks about how wonderful her meals are. One thing – when he gets married someday, his wife doesn’t have to worry about him longing for his mother’s cooking! (To be honest there are a few things I make he likes)  Oh, well, it really is largely my fault because I have bought him so much take-out food over the years. Eating out has really hurt our kids ability to enjoy home cooking. If you have any great recipes or meal ideas, please let me know!



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2 responses to “Cooking Woes!

  1. Jackie

    My homeade burritos are pretty good.

    I fry hamburger meat, add half a can of rotel and a can of ranch style beans with jalapenos. I fry potatoes, then I add the potatoes to the meat mixture. I grate cheddar cheese, and then I heat flour tortillas over open flame on stove (just heat on each side several times until puffy). Then, I spread sour cream on eat tortilla, sprinkle cheese, add meat and potato mixture, then more cheese, then roll up the tortilla and tuck in the ends.


  2. That sounds good! (I don’t have open flame though – only electric)Thanks!


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